Echo Graphic enters the Flexo Printing industry

It is with pleasure that we now announce our entry to the flexographic printing industry. The first product launched by Echo Graphic is our flexo plate mounting machine. Before starting a flexographic printing job, a flexible photopolymer plate is made for each color. These plates are thereafter mounted on a cylinder or sleeve, which fits into the printing press.

To make a complete picture, regardless of printing on flexible film or corrugated paper, the image transferred from each plate has to fit exactly in the images transferred from the other colors.

This underlines the importance of accuracy and reliability. Any inaccuracy will result in poor printing quality.

The design of our new Echo Graphic Flexo Plate Mounter is a result of combining:

  • Engineers with long experience from the flexographic industry
  • Operators and Quality Managers from flexo printing companies
  • Echo Graphics production team

By bringing these competences together, we have managed to invent a design that meets the requirements from both the operators and quality inspectors. Furthermore – it’s easy to use. An operator, who has never worked with flexo before, can be trained to perform plate mounting in a few hours.

The machine is equipped with cameras and a monitor to adjust the mounting marks before applying the plate to the sleeve.

To realize how easy our mounting equipment is in use, please refer to the two videos we have recorded.

If you would like to learn more about the Echo Graphic Flexo Plate Mounter, please contact us.

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