Successful ECNDT 2014

Date: 2014-10-12

Last week, Echo Graphic attended the ECNDT-2014 conference taking place in Prague. The exhibition went very well, and there was a lot of interest in our new EG430NDT film processor.


Participation at ECNDT 2014

Date: 2014-05-13

To promote our new NDT Film Processor, Echo Graphic will be participating in the ECNDT 2014 conference, taking place in Prague in October 2014. You can find our booth at B35 on the 3rd floor, where we will display an EG430 processor.

Introducing NDT processors

Date: 2014-04-13

We are happy to announce that we are now introducing film processors for NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) in our portfolio. The first processor in the product line is the EG430NDT, which can develop films with a width up to 43 cm.

For more information, please refer to the NDT section.

CPCA Shanghai 2013

Date: 2013-03-15

Next week, Echo Graphic will be attending the CPCA 2013 held in Shanghai (China International Electronic Circuits Exhibition).
We will be displaying one of our EG901 PCB film processors. If you would like to schedule a meeting during the conference, please contact us by mail.

Participation at Danish Flexo Forum

Date: 2013-03-07

Today, Echo Graphic attended the “Suppliers Day” hosted by the Danish Flexo Forum at their annual general meeting. It was a good opportunity to show the EG-44 plate mounting machine to both end-users and other stakeholders within the flexographic printing industry.

Participation at IPC Expo 2013

Date: 2013-02-19

Echo Graphic will in this week be present at the IPC Apex Expo 2013 held in the San Diego Convention Center. IPC is one of the largest conferences in US within printed board design, PCB manufacturing and related processes.
We will be represented by General Manager Christian Vestergaard, who will be sharing information about how our developers for PCB film has been improved during the past years.
Also, the full specifications of the MT44 machine for flexographic plate mounting will be disclosed. Within the coming month, the “Flexo Plate Mounter” section here at will be heavily updated with:

      • Pictures and descriptions of all details on the mounting machine
      • More information about accessories
      • A new product sheet that explains the benefits of the plate mounter from Echo Graphic

Echo Graphic enters the Flexo Printing industry

Date: 2012-12-20

It is with pleasure that we now announce our entry to the flexographic printing industry. The first product launched by Echo Graphic is our flexo plate mounting machine. Before starting a flexographic printing job, a flexible photopolymer plate is made for each color. These plates are thereafter mounted on a cylinder or sleeve, which fits into the printing press.

To make a complete picture, regardless of printing on flexible film or corrugated paper, the image transferred from each plate has to fit exactly in the images transferred from the other colors.

This underlines the importance of accuracy and reliability. Any inaccuracy will result in poor printing quality.

The design of our new Echo Graphic Flexo Plate Mounter is a result of combining:

  • Engineers with long experience from the flexographic industry
  • Operators and Quality Managers from flexo printing companies
  • Echo Graphics production team

By bringing these competences together, we have managed to invent a design that meets the requirements from both the operators and quality inspectors. Furthermore – it’s easy to use. An operator, who has never worked with flexo before, can be trained to perform plate mounting in a few hours.

The machine is equipped with cameras and a monitor to adjust the mounting marks before applying the plate to the sleeve.

To realize how easy our mounting equipment is in use, please refer to the two videos we have recorded.

If you would like to learn more about the Echo Graphic Flexo Plate Mounter, please contact us.

Participation in CPCPA 2012

Date: 2012-02-16

General Manager Christian Vestergaard will attend the CPCA show from March 13-16 in Shanghai. An EG75oPCB processor will be displayed in the Eastman Kodak booth in coorporation with Shanghai Kaisheng Electronic Co (KSE)

If you want to book a meeting during the show, please send a mail to

Echo Graphic participating in trade shows Productronica and HKPCA:

Date: 2011-12-12

Echo Graphic processors have been on display both at the Productronica exhibition in Munich, Germany November 15-18 and at HKPCA in Shenzhen near Hongkong November 30 – December 2 2011.

Echo Graphic staff has participated personally in both events.

Our contact network in the business has been strengthened  with new and old contacts being reestablished.

Here is a Picture from HKPCA:


Echo Graphic now accept Pay-pal and credit cards as payment method:

Date: 2011-10-26

A number of our customers have been asking for an easier method of payment than the traditional TT bank transfer.

Echo Graphic therefore now offer our customers the possibility to use their credit card or Paypal account for to pay for e.g spare parts.

Echo Graphic´s  fast shipment and attractive shipping prices using UPS parcel service world wide makes it easy to buy spare parts.

Just inquire for the necessary spare parts and Echo Graphic will send you a Proforma invoice.

Pay the invoice by TT bank transefer or Paypal.

Your spareparts will be shipped out same day or next day.

UPS will handle all customs precedure and you will receive your parts within a week.

Echo Graphic participation in CPCA show Shanghai:

Date: 2011-03-18

General Manager Christian Vestergaard participated in CPCA (China Printed Circuit board Association) trade show in Shanghai March 15-17 2011 .

Many old contacts were reestablished with people known for many years.

Working with business relations, a number of new promising contacts in several countries were made.

Echo Graphics position as the main supplier of silver film processors to develop phototools in the circuit board industry is even stronger after Glunz & Jensen (G&J G+J) and Dainippon Screen has stopped delivery of film processors.

For more than 10 years Echo Graphic has now delivered specially designed film processors for some of the biggest manufacturers of PC Boards world wide. The strong presence around the world is a key factor.

Participation in CPCPA 2011

Date: 2011-02-05

General Manager Christian Vestergaard will attend the CPCA show from March 15-17 in Shanghai. An EG751PCB processor will be displayed in the Eastman Kodak booth

If you want to book a meeting during the show, please send a mail to

Echo Graphic becomes new management and owner:

Date: 2011-01-15

After 20 years as Managing Director and Owner of Echo Graphic Frank Østergaad has sold the company to Christian Vestergaard.

As per 1st January 2011. Echo Graphic ApS will continue production and sales of film processors and spare parts under a new company registration number from the existing facilities here in Hadsund, Denmark.

From January 1st Christian Vestergaard is the new General Manager of Echo Graphic ApS and Christian will also be responsible for all sales activities in co-operation with Søren F. Kristensen.

Christian has a long and solid experience in the company as he has been responsible for development and all technical matters and as such Christian is in demand of the best possibilities to continue the activities in the company.

Echo Graphic has during 2010 increased production and sales of the Hope/Carnfeldt processor – this positive development is expected to continue also in 2011.

Frank and Judith Østergaad will support Christian and Søren in the sales activities in the future and by this announcement we wish to thank you for many years of good co-operation. Christian looks forward to a continuing good co-operation between our companies.

Hadsund, Janaury 2011.


With Best Regards

Echo Graphic ApS

Frank Østergaad

Christian Vestergaard
General manager

Participation in HKCPA 2010

Date: 2010-12-06

Genral Manager Frank Østergaard attended the HKPCA show from Dec.1 – 3. An EG900PCB processor was displayed in the Eastman Kodak booth and Echo Graphic got a lot of interesting contacts.

During the last year an increasing number of processors for phototools have been sold, both in China, other far eastern countries, Europe and USA. Echo Graphic has many years of experience within this field as our processors already are used in the printed circuit board industry.

Productronica 2005, Munich, from 15 – 18 November 2005

Date: 2005-11-01

Echo Graphic will participate at Productronica in Munich from 15 to 18 November 2005 and we will exhibit the following equipment:

One EG 901 IPL for SilverWriter 8000/Phoenix at the Mania Technologie booth no. 179 in Hall B4.

Our managing director, Mr Frank Oestergaard, will participate at Productronica 2005 to support our activities with the printed circuit board industry together with Mania Technologie and Kodak.

Chemical Mixer

Echo Graphic is pleased to introduce our new chemical mixer system for our complete range of EG processors.

The chemical mixer will mix concentrated liquid developer and fixer with water in a preadjusted mixing ratio and feed it to the processing tank of the processor as replenishment.

For further information, please see our leaflet for the Chemical Mixer.

Drupa 2004, Düsseldorf, from 6 to 19 May 2004

Date: 2004-02-12

Echo Graphic will not be present with our own stand at Drupa 2004.

The decision is made due to the fact that the sales of film based imagesetters and as such on-line film processors is strongly reduced. Echo Graphic will concentrate our activities on our strategic co-operation with imagesetter manufacturers or former imagesetter manufacturers such as Creo, ManiaBarco, Esko-Graphics, Heidelberg etc.

Echo Graphic will be present at the Drupa 2004, please contact our office in Denmark to make appointments for meetings etc.

CPCA Show 2004, Shanghai, China, from 10 to 12 March 2004

Echo Graphic will participate at the CPCA Show in Shanghai, China, from 10 to 12 March 2004 and we will exhibit the following equipment:

One EG 901PCB processor for the printed circuit board industry at the Kodak booth no. B507.

Our managing director, Mr Frank Oestergaard, will participate at the CPCA Show to support our activities with the printed circuit board industry together with Kodak.