EG1371 PCB

Processor Description

The Hope/Carnfeldt 1371 PCB on-line processor is designed to operate as a complete integrated system with plotters like Ucamco BG75XXX and for film widths up to 137cm (First-EIE RP1600+NXT).

Modular Construction

The Hope/Carnfeldt EG processor is of modular construction, which allows you to choose between different tank capacities. Deep tanks and long rack lengths determine the process speed and contribute to an even density. Installation is easy as the Hope/Carnfeldt EG processors can be split into two sections, which easily pass through doors, etc.

Easy Maintenance

The Hope/Carnfeldt processor is easy to maintain. The easy access for regular cleaning ensures a long lifespan and troublefree functioning of the processor. To ease the maintenance of the processor accessories such as rack hoist, filter kits and drip trays can be ordered separately.

Technical features

The racks in the Hope/Carnfeldt EG processors for film are built after the principle “staggered rollers”, which has proven to be the most reliable transport system on the market. The staggered roller configuration of the racks ensures reliable transportation of the film or paper through the processing cycle.

The powerful circulation pumps give an even, overall agitation guaranteeing the correct chemical flow over the full emulsion surface. Correct rinsing is accomplished with minimum water consumption and a reliable replenishment system provides fresh chemistry into the baths. The processor has separate developer, fixer and wash drains and is easily adapted for silver recovery systems and water treatment systems.

Celis Control

This advanced electronic control system is simple to operate through an icon based graphic screen with function keys. The system controls and displays developer and fixer temperatures, replenishment, antioxidation, developing time, low liquid levels and no-feed indication. A power save function automatically reduces power and water consumption after completion of each processing cycle. During nights and weekends a night and day programmable timer mode system reduces consumption further, however, keeping the processor ready to operate without any delay. The safety level control system will cut off heat and automatically refill each tank if a low liquid level is detected.

Diagnostic features in the computer control will tell the operator how to rectify error conditions both in case of hardware problems and external problems e.g. overflow in waste containers.

Working environment

The clean design and the low noise level of the processor fit into todays modern working environment. The processor is supplied with an effective exhaust fan for removal of chemical fumes from the conveyor, processor and installation site. The exhaust fan is switched on continuously to prevent chemical fumes travelling through the conveyor into the imagesetter.

Low temperature dryer

EG1371 PCB has a specially designed dryer which operates at low as 35degrees at 45 sec developing time, depending on film and chemistry. The low temperature guarantees dimensional stability of your phototool.