On this page we will build an extensive tool which you, as a technician, can find information about the most frequent problems with processing to work with our processors. As the content is developed and updated continuously we encourage you to check in regularly. 


Celis?  Electrical control / Use of the celis control and electrical errors
Chemistry. ?

  Problems related to film quality cleaning

Software. ?  Software / updating of software
GL Processors ?  Old processors of GL type 
Other ?  


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Defect temp sensor



By setting the set value to “0” degrees Celsius. The tank will be unheated. In most cases that will be possible on fix. That way production can be obtained  
Long heat up time By setting the timer you can make the processor start up ˝ hour before normal working time  
Panel has been damaged can not start up Disconnect the panel and start up the processor. On ex Primesetter it will be possible to set up dev time tem etc.  
In/out Sensor defect    
How can I test my conveyor

By entering the service menu Input/output part you can manually control the functions on the conveyor. You can for example:

*start a motor.
*Reveres the motor direction
*Activate the magnet buffer

*Set signals constant in test mode for the imagesetter.
*Display the conveyor switches and signal from the imagesetter in the input menu.


My Primesetter conveyor run’s in the wrong direction If the Ready signal from the Primesetter is taken away. The Celis control will make it possible for the Primesetter to pull back the film/plate. Even if it is under the rollers in the conveyor. It is most likely that the error is an error on the Primesetter.  
The display turns of after 30-60-120.. seconds Nothing is wrong. In the display PROPERTY "EYE" A SCREENSAVER FUNCTION CAN BE SETUP. Set it for 0 and the display will always be on.  
Conveyor Speed, I  can not calibrate the conveyor speed to be high enough On Primesetters it can be difficult to calibrate the speed. If the requested speed is not fast enough the inlet sensor have been activated too long!  
The panels displays strange characters in the top.
     P   4777   00  00 17  00
     M  4777   64  00 96  00

The numbers  is “debug information”. It is only used to read out software status information when programming and testing the software. It does not in any way influence the function of the processor when displayed.
 To activate it: Press the lower right bottom 5X in night mode!
 To disable it: Reboot the Ceils Control!

28 April 2003
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There is silver on the rollers in the dev rack. By mounting a filter 10u or a double filter 1u and 25u with an extra pump the silver content will build up slower

A typical reason to silver on the rollers in dev is that a little fix has entered the dev tank.

My film comes out wet from the dryer There can be more reasons. You should check that the dryer tempeture is set up correct and that both the upper and lower heating element is on.

Ensure that the silver content in the fixer does not exceed 5 mg/L. If it does the fixer replenish rate could be set too low. You may also seee bulletin No 16 Mending of bad graphic quality of developed film

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Question Answer Date
Where can I find celis software The Celis software is  freeware, but it can only be downloaded from or restricted service page on the internet. Please find the internet address to service as:  WWW.echographic.dk/service/home.htm  
The display shows film data error. (only Primesetter) Upgrade the Primesetter software to ver 2.30 or higher. If no action is made the processor will replenish without speedway. See bulletin 31  
Can I set up my processor with no panel. Yes, if if all settings has been los and a panel is not available. You can manually make a program to setup your processor. But there is some limits to calibration etc.  It can only be used for emergency use. Please follow this link. reedme.txt 23 Apr 12003


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GL Processors

Question Answer Date
Adjusting dry temp To adjust the temperture of the dryer you will have to use the Mechanical temperature switch. It is located under the dryer.  


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Warranty period, how long time Hope/Carnfeldt processors has a general 1 year warranty (max 15 md. from shipping date). ONLY PARTS ARE COVERED, no labor or shipping costs are included in the warranty.  
How do I order the correct axels to a roller Revert to roller an axel overview on page 6-76 to see axels. Further on the racks drawings there is a mark as D-L0. Please also revert to axels.pdf and Bulletin 17  
Some old numbers does not exist in the spare part list no.  Many old part numbers has been replaced by new numbers. Ex. Rubber rollers may have been replaced with EPDM rubber rollers. Then the old number will inform the number of the new number. see list  sparepart_no_2003.pdf  
Are there any recommended spare part kits avalibel? Yes under Kits a list of recormented sparepart kit is avalibe. Please follow the link to sparepart  
Is there any way I can find an overview of available rollers used in EG prcessors A roller overview is found on page 6-76 in the Celis Manual. You may also use this ling to a roller overview. Rolleroverview  



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