Flexo Plate Mounters from Echo Graphic - easy to use

Flexo Plate Mounters

Echo Graphic is proud to annonce our new machine for mounting of flexographic plates. The design and functionality is a result of long experience within the flexo printing industry. With our equipment, you will be able to:

- Perform a much faster mounting of the flexible photopolymer plates on your flexo sleeves/cylinders than with other machines in the market

- Perform instant quality check

- Ensure a smooth mounting

- Prepare sleeves/cylinders with new tape incredible easy

The machine is provided with a camera, which enables the operator to adjust the mount marks before finalizing the mounting of the flexible photopolymer printing plate on the sleeve. For more information about the actual usage, we recommend you to watch the following two videos, where you will see the Echo Graphic Flexo Plate Mounter in action.

The product sheet for the MT44 plate mounter can be downloaded here.

Using the Echo Graphic Flexo Plate Mounter for cylinders and sleeves

Preparing your cylinders with tape for new jobs

Why are the positioning important in flexography?

For every colour to be printed in your flexo printing job, a plate is made. This plate has to be mounted on a cylinder which is placed in the printing press. To ensure that an accurate picture is made, mounting marks are normally made on the flexographic plates. These mounting marks can be microdots (down to 0.3 mm) and/or mounting crosses. To make a complete picture, regardless of printing on flexible film or corrugated paper, the image transferred from each plate has to fit exactly in the images transferred from the other colors.

With the Echo Graphic machine, you will experience a significantly higher quality than with existing solutions - and even simplify the process as well. Operators without experience can be trained in using our flexographic mounting equipment in few hours.

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